23 авг. 2010 г.

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - concrete hands

Песня «Concrete Hands» была выпущена на оборотной стороне сингла 85-го года «So In Love». Текстом песни стали стихи, написанные на открытке от Andy McCluskey для своей второй половины. Судя по длине текста, открытка была очень большой:

The boys saw the girl

did the girls see the boy

Vertigo in Paris

on the 7th of July

coast to coast

long distance call

over the hills

and far away

a crashing in our hand
it's like a hammer in our heads
it's a felling in our hearts

it's a message in a stance?
a promise is a promise and though a
promise is a promise
shhh, 2 minutes silence
gonna take u out tonight

the boys saw the girl
did the girl see the boy
these things won't come too fast
they're gettin faster now
with arms like a chameleon
she changes with her jewelry

she stood beside his car
but refused to take a ride

the boy saw the girl
and the girl saw the boy
they gave each other objects
to remind them of that night
was it something that they said
that always turns out right
shhhh, two minutes silence
he's taking her out tonight

he's taking her out tonight

it all turns out all right

omd - concrete hands (extended version)

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